Control-Star trek was right

Control is my problem. My own over myself is my primary and that of others in the world in general. I strive to have control over me, not you. The you's that strive for control in the world, hence control of others, drive me fucking nuts.


Control freaks stare a a nut and bitch that it doesn't open itself. They are the reason that I don't regret buying more drywall tape; they give rise to holes in walls.

And my keyboard erases everything; oh well.

So 🌟 trek had it right; fight control, all control, and follow your truth. It won't end civilization; in fact, it might make it better.

But remember, if you're truth is stupid, self- center tripe bullshit, seek counsel before proceeding. It will prevent you from looking like a dumbass and me buying more drywall tape.

Relax. If you're having issue with this post, you're probably having issues with control.

Star trek had it right.

My Best