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Endings. They happen

Been wandering my empty house for six months, thinking, hoping, praying that one day I would pass by and one of my children would be there.

The sound of laughter.

But there were no running children, no laughter. Only stale light. Empty rooms

Today the rooms close.

And a new room opened; one dedicated not to ghosts and regret but to what is and not what could have been.

To lighting up the past and being ok with holding the ashes to the wind.

To doing the same to the future and being ok with both being somewhere in the world. Just not in the now.


To all the failures, the heartbreak, the missed opportunity. Thank you for showing me the work.


Do the work. It is before you and me right now. It always is. Always will be.

Gonna need some new knees and a bottle aspirin when it's all done and not said.

Thankfully, there will be something to cherish because it will finally been done on my terms.

Here's to NOW.

Be thankful, be grateful, and count your blessings that we get to create them every day. Run to your future now.

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