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Now- cheerleaders wanted

Real cheerleaders, the ones in the field and the ones in our life, support our dreams.

They tell us we CAN when rest say 'be reasonable'. They tell us that our dreams are possible if we work for them, if we do the work. They smile and offer a virtual hug when life gets hard instead of being conveniently unavailable.

Got cheerleaders? Got even one?

I have but two. More than enough.

You know who you are!😉

All the rest tell me the absurdity of my dreams, my thoughts, and discount the wonder in them. They are the dimming-cheers.

And yes , I know that isn't a word, dimming-cheers; I made it up. If you have issue, you're a dimming-cheers.

The dimmers are all around; those who themselves sold short, those who are mean spirited because that's what was done to them, and those who enjoy tearing down just for the hell of it.

Switch off your dimming-cheers, hang out with yourself, and move the fuck forward.

Throw the switch!

Hell, sell the house and move. The dimmer-cheers can hangout by themselves.

Or set the lot of dimmer-cheers on fire. That would be nice for smores. But please don't actually set anyone on fire. That's just not cool.

If you want to know who the dimmer-cheers are in your life, tell them your dreams, what really lights your fire. And be prepared to throw the switch on them; smile and walk with your head high to do the work of your dreams.


But if they be actual cheerleaders, hold on to them for dear life and cheer them on as well. They are few and far between. Your dreams depend on them.


Happy Thanksgiving. There is so much to be thankful for; the dimmer-cheers and the cheerleaders.


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