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Someday- It never comes

I used to spend quite a bit of time planning that perfect beginning; for a book, or a play, or a marathon, or relationship, or getting my head out of my ass.


At least the marathon, a couple of them actually, got done.

The rest are still waiting.

And it's really dark in there or here. You know what I mean.

So here's to taking action; If it's love, it's telling that person and being of service. If it's a book, it's a sentence a day everyday and maybe in 25 years you'll get a short story. And if you hear the pop and you see the light, then it most likely means you pulled your head out of your ass.

But hopefully you're not this close to the sun when you do pull your head out; both your ass and you will be vaporized.

But someday never comes. Today does and will continue to. We choose to do with it determines our tomorrow. At least today I heard the pop, cleaned my house, and took a load to the dump. Now onto the important things.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

My Best


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