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Gratitude-start with grace

So, it's Monday and the world is going, well, zombies might be a better bet then what we got. So what do I do? What do you do?

Go to gratitude.

Not the fake BS of checking off a list in your head or on your knees spouting shit you don't believe.

Real gratitude is knowing I shouldn't exist, that all I have I shouldn't, and that the friends I have mean more than any fame or fortune.

Stick that in your......pocket but I digress.

One, in particular, has stuck with me through thick and thin, the kind of loyalty that only saints possess. I love that man to death; close to sainthood and yet human like you and me. So......


Got a saint in your pocket? Cherish them, thank them, and be there for them as they have been there for you.

And did you don't have a saint, find one. They are on every corner and possible in you life; you have to make them.


By seeking and cherishing these saints, we find grace. Because someone has to hold us up when we can't.

And if you don't like saints, find a rock and

talk to it. If it talks back, let me know.

My best


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