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Last One Standing

We've all been here; alone, young or old, in a house, an apartment, a field, or on the curb under a street light. Utterly alone. Game over. Bring on the tears. We've given up on better. We've failed at romance, school, or finance.

All hope is gone; there is no one coming to rescue us, to tell us it's ok, to hold us in our hour of desperate need. And that curb is cold as shit.



Wait. Say that again?




I used to think the opposite; where the fuck is everyone? I can't. I'm just not enough. I need help. We tell ourselves that someone can ease the pain. Or a drink. Or a drug. Or a new relationship. Or something nice from Amazon.

They can't. They never could. This is our personal battle. We've always been enough but we tell ourselves we're not or someone else does. Hugs and smiles and affirmations are poison to getting off that floor or that curb, and loving yourself. You are enough; we all are.

But I get it; I've been there. It's in that point that you need to hold on for a moment, a second longer to break through to the other side. And what is on the other side?

It's you in that house, that field, that apartment, or curb. The same place but different you. On the other side is power, the power of believing that you can overcome it all.

You can. Hold on for one moment more. And know that it didn't kill you, that you have everything you need to create the most beautiful life. You've gotten to the other side. You can create the life you always dreamt of. Like really. Totally.

Here's to the curbs, the empty houses, the broken hearts, the financial failures. Grind that shit into powder, snort it, smile, and move on.

And once you pick yourself up, you'll find people like me. People who've been there too.

Just sayin'. Hold on, break through.

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