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Love you. Really

I was running this morning in the snow. It was amazing. And the thought occured to me that I was loved. By friends, by family, by the universe.

I stopped in the middle of the road, lifted my hands to the heavens, and said-


That, of course, was twelve hours ago. I no longer feel that sense of being loved. I feel alone, keeping busy to keep the wolves at bay.

So, I am here to tell you something-


that you are loved; by me. It's gonna be okay. I swear. You are not forgotten. You matter.


Read that again because it is the truth.


Of course, you might be a mad hatter but you matter none the less. Someone you don't know, someone thousands of miles away, cares; cares FOR YOU. Weird but totally awesomely.

It counts. It really does. Knowing that someone cares, even a complete stranger.

I have always wanted to read a post like this; just to know that I am not alone, to know that someone out there isn't just thinking about themselves. That I am not forgotten.

This comes from two places; selfish and selfless. They can occupy the same space.

Selfish because I feel like shit and doing something for you, saying I love you and meaning every syllable, eases my turmoil.

Selfless because I'm thinking about you; just you, whomever you are. I don't know you and that doesn't matter. I am hoping that I can do for you what isn't done for most of us.

Play it forward; ease someone else's struggle. Tell them you love them. Let them know they are not forgotten.

And mean it.

I mean it. Literally.

I mean it like a nail shot with a pneumatic framing gun into your thigh. And watching that nail exit and slam into a 2x4. That kind of serious. That kind of committed. I should know.

Or chopping of part of your thumb with an axe. I know about that too. Pretty committed.

Have a great one. And, please, tell someone, now, you love them and mean it. Like an axe on a thumb. Exact and serious. They won't forget.



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